Air filtration

Gases with odors, chemicals and compounds that can lead to health and environmental hazards are constantly emitted by manufacturing and chemical processing facilities. Our coconut based Activated Carbon products absorb toxins such as mercury, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine and other undesirable contaminants in the air. These air pollutants are covered under the US Clean Air Act.

By far the most dramatic and early application of coconut charcoal was in world war I, used by Soldiers as gas masks to protect against chemical attack using Chlorine, Phosgene and mustard gases. These gas masks were made of Charcoal (Activation was still to come) prepared by carbonizing coconut shell. It’s reported that several thousand lives were saved using these gas masks.

Our Activated Carbon products remove chlorine with little degradation or damage to the carbon.

The following grades are commonly used for air filtration applications:

Mesh (Sieve) Sizes CTC
3 x 6 (6.700 X 3.350 mm) 50/55/60
1/4 x 6 (6.300 X 3.350 mm) 50/55/60
4 x 8 (4.750 X 2.36 mm) 50/55/60
4 x 10 (4.750 X 2.000 mm) 50/55/60
Note: **Moisture at 5%, Ash Content at 3% Max, Harness at 98% min and pH from 9 to 11

PH can be adjusted based on the customer requirement.

We supply any customer specific grades (particle sizes) from 20CTC up to 80CTC with corresponding iodine value.

We ship in water proof plastic lined super sack bags. We also do custom packaging upon request.