Food & Beverage

Sugar Industry

Activated Carbon is used widely in the sugar industry, including beet and cane sugar, for the de-colorization of sugar syrup before it is crystallized, to make granulated sugar in pure white color. The presence of colored compounds in the sugar syrups results from reactions occurring during the production. The chemical structure of some of these coloring materials is quite complex and difficult to determine in many cases. The most significant colored substances that develop during sugar processing can be classified in three general groups: melanin, melanoidin and caramel. In order to produce high quality white sugar, or when very good clarity is required in the syrup products such as those used in colorless soda drinks, a treatment of juice with Activated Carbon is required.

Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Activated Carbon plays several functions in the production of alcoholic beverages. The treatment with Activated Carbon promotes taste, color, and flavor, eliminates off-odors, delays oxidation, purifies and detoxifies water used, and supplies minerals. The minerals present in Activated Carbon promote quality of the beverage and enhance its nutritional value.

Activated Carbon is used at several stages of the brewing of beer. When used directly in the brewing process, Activated Carbon modifies the color and improves the taste and odor produced by phenols, and by the autolysis of yeast and infections. In Vodka production, treatment with Activated Carbon has found to reduce the organic impurities (measured by optical density). In wine production, Activated Carbon helps to adjust the color and remove undesirable components originating from molds, cork, yeast, and the container itself, which ultimately gives wine the desirable characteristics and taste.

Fruit Beverage Industry

Activated Carbon is extensively used in fruit beverage industry to remove undesirable taste causing substances, color changing chemicals such as Polyphenols, Melanoidin, etc that get added to these fruit juices during their manufacturing process.

Our various grades of Activated Carbon products are used in several food & beverage Industrial applications.