Automotive industry continues to face challenges in terms of meeting strict vehicle emission standards as well as renewed interest from the general public for more environmentally friendly cars with relatively low carbon emissions. Activated Carbon canisters are used to capture hydrocarbon vapor emissions from the fuel tank as part of an evaporative emission control system. We offer grades of Activated Carbon that can be used in the Evaporative Emission Control devices in automotive applications.

Also, our Activated Carbon products are used in other automotive applications such as Cabin air filters to remove outside contaminants from the air. The Activated Carbon cabin air filters not only remove dust, pollen and other contaminants from the air, but also adsorb exhaust fumes and unpleasant odors prior to entering the passenger area of a vehicle. The Activated Carbon in the filters is treated with certain chemicals to give it specific odor-control properties. The Carbon traps odor causing gases by adsorption (not absorption), and therefore holds the gases on the surface of the carbon treated media. Because the Activated Carbon is highly porous, the filter has a very high capacity for trapping noxious gases as well.

Typically 30x60 granular mesh (Sieve - 0.600 X 0.250 mm) grade coconut based Activated Carbon is used for Cabin air filter applications.