Black Carbon Food in International Hotels: Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon application started with food processing as a detox, though not very appealing to look at. It was started off to cleanse and remove impurities for fresh juices, smoothies, and other soft drinks.

Charcoal is edible in some forms and tastes better with the right combination of food. Charcoal powder made from the extract of Bamboo is claimed to be one pure form that tastes delicious when mixed with the rice batter. Executive Chefs at International Hotels and restaurants try out the charcoal combination and delight their guests.

When spoken to Health Experts, Activated Charcoal added to food is natural, pure and healthy and has the power to fight chronic diseases and provide great relief for other common ailments. Moreover, it is also used for treating for poisoning and drug overdose.

Chefs are very much interested in this beautiful concept to include activated charcoal in consumables. So alluring to see those sweet potatoes garnished with purple hues. Ice cream waffles made of charcoal. Pizza crust infused with charcoal is now well and good for guests. More dishes are made of charcoal like charcoal fish fry.